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 Find Support this winter with Ayurveda

Here on the sunshine coast we don’t experience dramatic changes in the seasons like our foreign neighbours or even southern parts of Australia. Typically (although over the last few years we have noticed some unusual weather patterns) winter is the dry season here on the coast. The weather that we experience on the whole is cooler days and nights, less moisture in the atmosphere due to reduced precipitation and light winds.

Understanding how the winter weather effects the functions of our body –

These qualities in the environment mostly effect the Vata dosha (bodily intelligence) Being already aggravated during the Autumn months, these qualities of dryness due to early winter further aggravate Vata and deplete the bodies tissues Rasa (plasma a component of blood) and ojas (immunity) as a result and because of the depleting qualities of dryness in the environment leaves the body vulnerable meaning

 – any vata aggravation means one is more prone to depletion of the bodies minerals, vitamins and dryness of skin ( a prime indicator of internal dryness along with reduced strength of the muscle tissue due to dryness).  
Kapha dosha is also starting to accumulate meaning heavy, congestive qualities increase in the body this further develops as we head into late winter which requires us to care for our lungs and sinus area.

With the increase in coughs/colds and flus that start to circulate more predominantly and impact on ones health and immunity it is best for us to look at how we can protect and help ourselves to reduce the likely hood of us getting sick and improve and build our strength (Ojas) over what Ayurveda calls early winter months (Pausa).

Ayurveda is about living in accordance with the environment we live in, yes the seasonal adjustments are important but we need to adapt these changes to suit where we live and this includes our climate and the sequence of events that occur with dosha imbalance due to each part of the season, simply saying we need to balance Kapha this time of year is misleading as we also need to consider the impact of the previous seasons Vata and pitta, for those looking to understand more feel free to email or book a consultation.


Making some adjustments to the foods we eat, our daily Ayurvedic regimes and herbal formulations can greatly reduce our chance of getting sinus and lung congestion/infections, coughs, colds, sluggish circulation, stiffness in the joints, dullness in the mind, body aches and pains which can lead to other health complications as the season progresses. As many of you know Ayurveda is an applied science so to reap the rewards it is all in the doing. These problems can come up for those not following seasonal regimes and living incompatible diet and lifestyle in this season.Below is some recommendations for you this winter so you can be healthy no matter what the season

How Ayurveda Can Help ?

To keep our health in an optimum state here are the recommendations for the winter months to keep the organs functioning well and reduce toxic build up in the body-

  • Arise early in the morning before 6am – this is a lighter time of day (vata hours) will remove feelings of sluggishness, heaviness in the body and mind leave you feeling more energized through the day.


  • First thing in the morning SBS, spit, brush teeth and scrape tongue – within 3 minutes of arising brush teeth then scrape your tongue, removing the coating on your tongue in the morning will stop excess mucous build up in the throat, nose, lungs and prevent the lymph from becoming thick and sluggish.
  • Morning cleansing drink – take ½ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp grated ginger, ½ tsp fenugreek pwder , ½ tsp honey mix with warm water and drink. Fenugreek is good for taking out excess mucous from the tissues, works well with fat metabolism and removes sluggishness from the lymph.
  • Nasya – place 2 drops of warm medicated nasal oil ( available for purchase at the Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic) up the nose this counters sinus congestion, removes deep seated mucous in the sinus area and reduces heaviness in the head.
  • Take 10 slow long breathes at least 3 times a day to counteract the heavy damp and thick qualities in the environment which can impact on the quality of our breath and the health of our lungs. Not only is the breath revitalising but helps to calm and steady the mind.
  • Self-massage – 3 times weekly fairly vigorous strokes with warm black sesame seed oil or kapha oil (available for purchase at the centre) This promotes good circulation and lymphatic flow counters sluggishness in the body and helps to strengthen immune system.
  • Eucalyptus steam nightly – just before bed fill a bowl with 6-8 drops eucalyptus oil and boiling water place towel over head and breath in steam to clear the sinuses, encourage clear breathing as the sinus, lungs and nasal passage can naturally become congested in winter.
  • Diet – avoid heavy, cold foods which are damp and sticky in nature such as ice-cream, cold homogenised milk, peanut butter, cold drinks, bread, cheese, yoghurt, cold meats, butter, muffins, cakes, white flour and oily foods such as chips, noodles and pasta. Due to the qualities of these foods when eaten regularly can build mucous in the body and that can start accumulating in areas such as lungs, nose, throat, lymphatic system, and sinus area as these areas are naturally weak in the winter season.
  • Exercise -is important in winter as we don’t sweat easily, this can block the sweat glands which help to eliminate toxins from the body. Best exercise is a brisk walk morning and evening at least 3 times a week or Yoga Asanas.
  • Meditation – Taking time out daily to practice meditation will help alleviate feelings of dullness, darkness or heaviness from the mind Ayurveda recommends open eye candle meditation.

Treatment suggestions this winter- 


Product reccomendations –

  • Chywanprash – for immune strength


  • Sino care – sinus care and support for the winter months



  • Septnil – immune care


All products are available at the centre. And of course, if you require further assistance in moving through the winter in good health or have a health concern that requires further attention please drop into the clinic or contact us to book in a Consultation with our Ayurvedic Practitioner Scott Allan to get you started on your road to health.

Wishing you a happy and healthy winter.

Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic