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Therapeutic Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage Oils

By May 13, 2021Blog

Understanding the Therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic massage oils deepens our appreciation for what we are receiving.



Feedback such as – You have hit the reset button  – I feel normal again!- and I feel relaxed yet energised – are some of the common experiences people express after receiving an Ayurvedic treatment.   These comments are true and relatable for others and ourselves as we have also been benefiting from Ayurvedic treatments for many years along with our families and children.

We massaged both our kids from birth with amazing results. Baby massage not only strengthens their immune systems and aids in sleeping well but also assists in their growth making for a happy healthy baby and a great start to life.

Reading over this blog gives you a chance to gain an understanding of the oils used in Ayurvedic treatments and why there is so much emphasis on their use.

The therapeutic use of Ayurvedic medicated oils and in particular the black sesame seed oil has profound health benefits. The application of warm medicated oils via specific strokes in the massage gives lustre to the skin, lubricates the muscles, joints and tissues and improves their flexibility and builds resilience. By stimulating the tissues such as the lymph and circulation it is said to keep the impurities from accumulating in the tissues.

Some of the healing gunas (qualities) that make up the sesame oil are sweet which is nourishing, sukshma (enters minute bodily channels), vikasi (loosens joints) and vyavyai (gets absorbed and enters the body channels very quickly).

Another key ingredient to note is linoleic acid which makes up 40% of sesame oil a powerful anti inflammatory agent and is known to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, thus decreasing the bacteria on the skin. Studies suggest that oils such as sesame which contain linoleic acid (coconut oil and olive oil contain very little if any) also contain anti cancer properties and inhibited malignant melanoma growth and antineoplastic properties (which block formation of neoplasms growths that may become cancerous). Research also shows that sesame oil strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. The perfect oil for this time of year for your daily self massage.

Ayurvedic medicated oils (many that have their base as sesame oil) known as tailams are not simple preparations like aromatherapy. They contain more than 70 different Ayurvedic herbs with their potency enhanced by going through various processes called samskaras and can take more than 5 days to make.They are used in specific cases when the dhatus (tissues) and doshas get disturbed/imbalanced and disease manifests. There are many different tailams used in Ayurveda and those who frequent the clinic would have experienced these through the Marma Point massage, Kizzali Bolus massage or kati basti treatment for back/neck/knee pain. As our teacher once said Tailams should be treated and valued like gold.

It is reassuring to know that each time you receive an Ayurvedic  treatment here at the clinic we are using these traditional tailams for your benefit and unique requirements which we prescribe based on the individual and time of year. These traditional tailams are not widely used many practitioners use a cheaper product which is often diluted with oil and many of the proper processes eliminated which leads to an inferior product.  It is hard to find somewhere that uses a high quality and traditionally made tailam such as we do here at the Ayurveda Clinic.

That is why after every treatment we recommend that you leave the oil on for at least an hr or more to allow the benefits of these carefully prepared and greatly beneficial oils to soak into the skin and tissues to maximise their affects.

This process of the making and application of the tailams is unique to Ayurveda and being able to continue to use these oils as practitioners allows us to uphold the traditions which are thousands of years old.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic and for you to experience first hand the benefits of ayurvedic treatments and the magic of the tailams available right here in the heart of Buderim.