This 8 week program is specifically designed for those with common lower back, neck and shoulder problems, for those wanting to improve strength and mobility in their back and to help reduce chronic pain. This course will provide students the opportunity to learn and practice various methods that have been proven to effectively reduce and ease temporary or chronic back pain such as deep relaxation, improved body awareness, healthy body alignment, postures for improved strength, stability and mobility.

This course is suitable for those suffering from sciatica, disc herniation, kyphosis or scoliosis or those suffering from ongoing chronic back pain. This program is about learning some basic methods for self care to improve functional movement and reduce pain rather than trying to ‘fit’ into a yoga pose.

Yoga provides us with a high level holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Rather than simply looking at specific muscles, yoga teaches us how to breath, move and connect to yourself, feeling then bringing that awareness into moving in a  functional way that supports us as an individual in our daily lives which has a positive effect on our mental wellbeing.

Ayurvedic recommendations and home care advice is included as a support to the yoga therapy through simple diet recommendations and oilation to support you on your path to improved back health and mobility.

This course includes a pre-course personal assessment  with your teacher Kim Allan where she can assess your postural alignment, health history, take note of your goals, aspirations and expectations and gain an understanding of your abilities and limitations toward movement.


Bookings are essential due to limited space.

Participants may be able to claim this on their health fund (check with your health fund)