Ayurvedic Vibrational Chakra Healing Massage

Ayurvedic vibrational healing massage is designed to harmonize the 7 Chakras through the application of herbo-mineral paste applied to reflex points on the feet combined with the chanting of mantras and colour visualization provides a powerful therapy for deeper healing.

Who is Vibrational healing massage suited to?

  • Those suffering from negative emotions
  • Those who may need extra assistance in healing mind and body
  • Those who suffer from psychological imbalances
  • Anyone wanting to gain some positive direction in their life
  • Those looking for general relaxation and healing

After treatment care

  • Leave some time after your treatment to rest
  • Follow therapist home recommendations
  • Leave the oil on for at least 1 hour before you shower
  • Eat a light meal after your treatment
  • Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea
  • Try to avoid stimulants that may not support the desired effect of your treatment


Customer Testimonial

” I wish to extend my gratitude to you Scott for your support knowledge and assistance in re-calibrating my energy. When I arrived I felt lost depleted and drained. After an extremely challenging 2 years of chronic chest infections, countless hospital and outpatient IV antibiotics. My system felt a constant struggle for life on a daily basis, plus I carried  a deep loss of my sons sudden death on top. Scott planned a week of treatments commencing with an Ayurvedic Consultation, a diet which now supports and assist my digestive system like nothing I have tried before. I feel an enormous relief, ease when eating now and the recipes provided are of great help. My week was a daily ritual of nurture, care and repair. Yoga therapy sessions, massage, Shirodhara and Chakra Massage which released emotion stress and pain particularly in my thoracic area. Scott your calmness, empathy and focus felt strong and sure like a cradle in which I could feel safe to let go and heal. Through my work and who I am as a person I give out a lot and struggle to receive. This week has rebooted me thank you. I hope and look forward to attending your Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in May 2014″ – Jacqueline Psychotherapist, Melbourne