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Our Private Yoga sessions are taught one-on-one and are the perfect opportunity to develop your practice or to improve or gain new skills to assist you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

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Yoga Therapy for Neck and shoulders 6 week course

This 6 week course is specifically designed for those who experience chronic or ongoing neck, shoulder or upper back pain, tightness, restriction of movement, lack of mobility or simply wanting to learn ways to improve their posture and upper back health.

This course will be structured within a Yoga Therapy frame work with your teacher Certified registered Yoga Therapist and Senior Registered Yoga Teacher Kim Allan from the Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic.

Tension can build in the upper body through various ways such as long hrs spent at a desk in front of a computer, chronic stress, poor posture, injury etc.

This course will provide students the opportunity to learn and practice various methods that have been proven to effectively reduce and ease temporary or chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain such a

  • improved body awareness and postural alignment,
  • gentle breath based postures/movements for improved strength, stability and mobility.
  • deep relaxation to reduce stress, improve energy levels and build resilience
  • simple effective breathing techniques

This course will be beneficial for anyone who

  • is experiencing chronic pain, tightness or restriction of movement primarily in the upper body neck and shoulders
  • Seeking a gentle practice to help relieve stress and tension in the upper body, while developing the skills to improve spinal health, postural alignment and stability.
  • Ready and willing to take positive steps to enhance their well-being.

Classes are run weekly in a progressive manner over the 6 weeks with take home tools and techniques so you can learn to manage and maintain optimum spinal health.

The course includes a free assessment before commencement to obtain a health history, any restrictions around movement and mobility you may have and what your goals and aspirations are for attending this program.

Kim limits the numbers in the class to 6-8 people to ensure each person receives individual care and modifications where necessary or appropriate.

No prior yoga experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Program 2 – Yoga for Healthy lower backs will begin in April 7th 2020