Yoga Sunshine Coast Lessons

Introductory Svastha Yoga 4 week programĀ 

This 4 week program is an ideal starting point for those wanting to join in a general class at the centre, are new to the practice of yoga or those who have had an extended break from yoga.

This 4 week introductory course is based on the teachings of Yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharaya. This course covers the fundamental principles of the traditional yoga practice in detail so you have a sound understanding of how to breath efficiently and effectively within the yoga practice and to benefit your overall health and wellbeing. Learn classical postures to support spinal health, strength and flexibility.

This program also gives you an introduction to sound/mantra to calm and steady the mind.



These Series of classes are taught as a set of progressive classes, once a week over 4 consecutive weeks.

Even if you have practiced other styles of Yoga we recommend you attend this course to give you insight into the Svastha Yoga practice, a practice that will lead towards lightness in the body and a steady and calm mind.

The course will include;

  • Foundational postures for structural health and Wellbeing.
  • Learning the art of conscious breath within the Asana (postures) and the effect breath has on the body and mind.
  • Introduction to Pranayama and meditation practices.
  • Short discussions and question time to give clarity on what you have been learning.

Call or email Kim to book your:
0421 256 321 or class

Classes are conducted in a small group environment so as to allow for proper support and supervision. You will be encouraged to practice in a way that supports you as an individual through breath, movements, sound/mantra and meditation.

Bookings are essential due to limited space.