Lighten your practice and Brighten Your mind

Join Vina Shah and Kim Allan for a workshop to deepen your understanding of yoga practices beyond just the physical benefits.

Enjoy a half-day of exploring different practices to expand your understanding of Yoga as a complete practice to lighten the body and brighten the mind. 

This workshop is ideal for those who currently attend Svastha yoga classes at the centre with Kim and Scott or have previously attended classes or workshops with Vina. 

Various topics will be explored both in practice and discussion with the main focus being on participants experiencing ways to:

  • improve energy and vitality 
  • reduce feelings of stress or anxiety
  • improve digestion 
  • promote better quality sleep
  • gain clarity for coping better with life’s challenges
  • develop a deeper sense of connection to your inner self. 

This workshop is an ideal opportunity to add depth and meaning to your practice or to re inspire you to return to your yoga practice after a break or to simply take some time out for your self to nurture your body and mind.

A light Ayurvedic refreshment will be served on the day for your enjoyment.

Bookings are essential via our website