Changing of the seasons with Ayurveda and maintaining good health through Spring and Summer

Ayurveda places much importance on the changing of the seasons and how each season brings with it certain qualities and characteristics in the external environment which is reflected in our internal environment.

When we make some slight adjustments and changes to our lifestyle and daily routines this can bring us much improved health and wellbeing throughout the year from season to season.

As we are now in spring we commonly see problems such as hay fever, sinusitis, allergies and the like coming up this time of year.

Ayurveda teaches us how to avoid or greatly reduce these seasonal problems coming up by living in accordance with our current environment.

If you would like to learn more about this Join Scott Allan 30 September for this online talk on how to move with the change of the seasons and how we can understand the impact it has on us so we can live a more balanced healthier life through Spring and Summer.

To book in simply send us a message and once payment has been made we will send you a zoom link to join the talk.