Heal Arthritis through Ayurvedic Medicine

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner Scott Allan from the Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Buderim October 16th for this 2 hr workshop on Healing Arthritis through Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine has a unique and highly effective approach to treating Arthritis based on individualised treatment programs targeting the cause of the issue.

Treatment involves diet modifications, specific herbs that help flush the joints of toxins, treatments which nourish the bodies tissues and self care advice on how you can manage arthritis effectively.

In Australia 1 in 6 people suffer from arthritis which can cause pain, swelling, lack of mobility, feeling tired and unwell.

There can be many different types of arthritis and treatments are usually recommended in the form of pain relief medication which can leave the problem getting worse or spreading to other joints leading to a much deeper problem to deal with in the long term.

Wear and tear are a general part of life and Ayurveda’s treatments, which help to build integrity and strength in the body are the keys to maintaining a healthy, happy and independent life.

In this work shop we will look into the Ayurvedic understanding of this condition Arthritis (AMAVat), give some guidelines into treatment and what you can do at home to help to manage arthritis.

Your host Scott Allan is a highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioner with over 10 yrs clinical experience.  Scott has spent many years treating clients with Arthritis with great success and excellent results.

This Workshop includes –

  • light refreshments and herbal teas
  • Take home recommendations for you to start implementing straight away
  • Bookings essential due to limited space
  • book via our website or phone 0412256321