Join Vina Shah and Kim Allan  for an introductory workshop on meditation.

You will learn techniques for developing a greater sense of wellbeing and learning to live every aspect of your life with integrity, with kindness towards yourselves and others, with wisdom and deeper clarity.

There are now plenty of scientific studies that show meditation has all kinds of positive benefits for our mind brain and body

The focus of this workshop is to gain an understanding of the term meditation and its stages, method and benefits.

It will also cover a range of meditation styles and techniques. You will also have an opportunity to practice and experience these different techniques including:

  • body scan meditation
  • a short gentle sequence of yogic mindfulness movements which will help with a comfortable transition to a seated meditation, either on a chair, or on the floor on the cushion.
  • Yogic meditation is primarily a breath and sound (mantra) based technique with periods of silence.


This workshop is a precursor to a 8 week meditation starting August 22 2019.

For those who want to develop a greater sense of well-being through the practice of meditation, an eight-week course split into two four-week parts will be taught by Kim Allan held at the Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Centre, Buderim.

Further information about the course will be posted at a later date.