A traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment to enhance eye sight, counter fatigue and heaviness in the eyes dry eyes & slow retinal deterioration.

The Therapist prepares dough from special grains which is shaped into a small ring and placed over the eyes. This is then filled with warm ghee, either a plain or medicated variety. The ghee is retained within the ring at a specific temperature for a specific time.

Once the ghee is removed the therapist will massage specific marma points around the affected area.

This treatment involves the use of oil, we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting oil on, until you can shower.


How often should you have a treatment?

The treatment is best done over a series of 5 – 10 sessions.



This Massage is for anyone who suffers from:

  • Darkness in front of the eyes.
  • Stiffness of the eyes.
  • Dryness of the eyes.
  • Injury to the eyes.
  • Diseases of the eye due to vitiation of vata and pitta Squint.
  • Falling of the eye lashes.
  • Blurring of the vision.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing eyes.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Glaucoma Fifth cranial nerve atrophy.
  • Fifth cranial nerve disorder.
  • Opacity of the cornea
  • Watering of the eyes.
  • Painful eyes.
  • Swollen eyes.

After treatment care:

  • Follow therapist home recommendations
  • Allow some time to rest before you leave the centre
  • Wear dark sun glasses after the treatment a recommended time
  • Eat a light meal after your treatment
  • Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea
  • Try to avoid stimulants that may not support the desired effect of your treatment