Kati Basti:

“After having back pain the majority of my life and trying countless methods of pain relief. I came across this wonderful treatment Kati Basti and thought why not give it a try. After the first treatment I felt a huge difference in movement. After 3 treatments I was completely pain free and haven’t looked back. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has back, neck or shoulder pain. After having terrible anxiety attacks and feeling generally stressed, I was told about shirodhara also and although I was a little skeptical I thought why not give it a go. I could not believe how at peace calm and relaxed I felt afterwards. It is such an amazing treatment. Kirsty Buderim Sunshine Coast Qld

“Dear Scott, Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment, about 6 months ago I was suffering chronic back pain to the extent that I just could not work, I had been receiving treatment from a chiropractor which had not really helped that much, when I was recommended to Scott by my local doctor I had been taking anti inflammatory drugs which I hate…..I made an appointment to see Scott and he recommended that I make 3 visits during the first week, Monday, Wednesday and again Friday….I could not believe that after just 3 visits I was completely pain free and have been now for more than 6 months, I lead a very active life with 2 young children and needless to say I am stoked that my life is back to normal…I can’t speak highly enough about the treatment Scott provided and his professional approach….and it’s all natural…..Thanks Scott and I recommend him to anyone who is suffering like I was.

I also wanted to lose 3 to 5 kg Scott gave me a program and I lost 5 kg in 5 weeks…very happy.” Gary Payten

Ayurvedic Consultation:

“Ayurveda medicine has had a huge positive impact on all areas of my life. I first went to see Scott and Kim when I was feeling stressed with low energy levels and I had an overall feeling of not being well. Through Scott’s and Kim’s caring and professional treatment of my symptoms my whole body, mind and spirit has been rejuvenated. Through the introduction of herbal medicines and Ayurveda treatments I manage my stress, have better digestion, greater immunity, and am happier within myself and my life. Ayurveda has taught me about the importance of diet and nutrition, rest and relaxation, yoga, meditation, and breathing fully to improve the quality of one’s life. I am grateful to Scott and Kim for leading me on this healing pathway.” Camel Sunshine Coast Qld

“Having been let down by several mainstream practitioners, to help with my skin condition, I have had wonderful results in just 3 months on Scotts Ayurvedic program to help with my skin condition, and I have got my life back again, thank you” G.A Buderim Sunshine Coast Qld

“I came to see Scott a few months ago as I was concerned about having Hepatitis C that I have had for many years. I wanted to feel healthy, cleanse my body and improve my mental and physical health, as in my past life I have spent many years abusing my body. After Scotts Ayurvedic program including diet, herbal preparations, Massage and Shirodhara, I felt great, had more energy, I was clearheaded and more healthy than I have been in 20 years. My blood test also have come back as clear of hepatitis C & gout and I feel very relieved” Malcolm Shick LHI, NSW

“I am absolutely sure the best investment to my health is when I viewed Scotts website which I found very interesting, so much so I sent an email enquiry through, Scott was prompt in getting back to me, so I made my first Ayurvedic appointment.

The moment you walk in your experience starts, friendly and inviting, I was given a warm glass of herbal tea, I felt very at peace.

Scott is a great listener and has helped me immensely. To my utter amazement in just 12 days I had lost 3.8 kilos, not only that I am not taking HRT medication I haven’t experienced any menopausal systems since, headaches/migraines had stopped 6 days in, no swelling in my ankles, or bloating.

I have a job that requires a lot of brain energy, and I have found there has been great improvement with alertness and I’m calm even at the end of the day. I’ve experienced a warm energy running through my body down to my toes. I use to abuse food but now I have this new found respect for food and what it offers. I’m enjoying my daily routine, from the time I wake up till the time I shut my eyes. I’m so very grateful.”  Hollie Sunshine Coast

“My experience with Scott and Kim Allen has brought not only health but a deeper awareness to my life since starting treatment earlier this year in a desperate state with digestive problems and stomach ulcers. I had been to a naturopath, my GP, and taken all the medications prescribed only to find symptoms either worsening or returning post treatment. A 6 week wait for a specialist was the only answer, until a friend suggested I try Ayurveda and contact Scott, and I’m not sure why it was my last resort as I’m a yoga teacher and understand the principles but had somehow forgotten about it.

From my first session, what was prescribed made a difference and I continued to become more healthy every day, following the diet, treatments and authentic support from Scott and Kim. I like the integrated approach- we can do most of it in our kitchen and every day life and that puts the power back in your own hands. I feel strong and more in touch with my body because I am more aware of what’s going on inside. I know when I’m slightly off balance now and I can adjust things to bring back balance.

Ayurveda isn’t just another alternative health fad, I feel it delivers an ancient and sustainable knowledge that is both intrinsic and so relevant today, where we are often pushing our bodies and minds to the limits without awareness. Ayurveda works without side effects and its a fascinating and delicious journey.” Amelia

“We would like to thank you both for the recent two week Ayurveda treatment. We’ve learnt so much about getting our mind, body balance in order and how to look after our digestive system which we have learnt is a major contributor to our health and well being.

We have also had a major detox and shed heaps of toxins out of our systems. We both feel amazingly well, full of energy & vitality and the weight has really come down. Jock has lost 8 kilos in three weeks and Mona on the way to 5 kilos and it keeps coming off. We feel and our friends say we look years younger. We would highly recommend Ayurveda treatment to anybody. It is life changing to us.” Jock & Mona

Marma point massage:

“During a Marma massage recently, Scott alerted me to what rapidly became a life threatening situation for me. He advised me to see a doctor immediately, who advised me to go directly to hospital, which I did. Had I not gone, I probably would have died that very night. The doctors were able to save my life, but without Scott’s professionalism, they would not have had the chance. I think we are very fortunate that Scott and Kim have established their Ayurveda practice here in Buderim” Trish H, Buderim Sunshine Coast Qld

Svastha Yoga & Yoga Therapy:

“After many months of searching to find a yoga centre that I felt would be right for me, I was fortunate to stumble across the advertisement for the “Yoga therapy and Ayurveda Wellness centre”. I was instantly drawn and knew that I had to book in to a yoga class. That was eight weeks ago and I cannot remember the last time I felt as relaxed and calm as I do at present. It is thanks to Kim and the manner in which she teaches yoga. The classes are small and based on a more traditional yoga practice which focuses on breathing techniques which I find myself using on a daily basis. In addition to the yoga I have had a number of other treatments, including Kati Basti, Shirodhara and marma point massage. The treatments are unique and incredibly relaxing with the effects lasts for days. I have had back surgery and always careful about what I do to not aggravate my injury. Kim takes the care to modify the yoga practice to suit my individual needs and I am surprised by how much improvement I can notice in myself over this short time. I have just started my wellness journey and find myself making small daily changes in my life and feeling more focused and generally healthier. Scott and Kim are very professional and I highly recommend the yoga classes and other treatments to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life” Moira – Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast QLD.

“The Yoga Retreat was a great and enjoyable experience. It provided the opportunity to focus on yoga practice and meditation over a few days with a bit of structure and continuity. I enjoyed the discussions about yoga and really benefited from the daily extended practice and meditation, in the morning and evening. It has given me the encouragement I needed to include yoga practice in my daily activities” Penny CEO LHI Board NSW

“I first saw Kim nearly two years ago when I needed some direction to re-start a personal yoga practice that had been lost after a succession of three major surgeries. I asked Kim to design a simple, quick routine I could use every morning that would get me back into the “habit” that I had lost, and missed. Her program worked perfectly. So well in fact that last month we returned to Lord Howe to seek her out again. This time I wanted to upgrade my daily routine. But true to the teacher that she is, she recognized that I needed work still on some basic techniques. If I wanted someone to pat me on my back I could have stayed home. But in Kim I found a true gem whose gentle touch and clear direction is worth traveling half a world away.” Philip. Alaska. USA

Women’s Health Consultation:

“I went through a period of more than 3 years of suffering severe Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) to the point of collapsing & ending up in hospital (more than once) due to severe anaemia, followed by blood transfusions & not being able to live a normal life, due apparently to fibroids in the uterus leading up to Menopause.

Up until that time I had been trying to manage things as naturally as possible, I had a very good GP & an excellent homeopath & a good gynaecologist but eventually things got so out of hand that nothing was working. I had one Mirena (IUD) inserted after another but my body just got rid of them. I did everything I thought possible to avoid a Hysterectomy but in the end even the “8” tablets a day I was taking to stop the constant bleeding just wasn’t enough. I got told that if I didn’t go ahead with the hysterectomy I would eventually bleed out, I gave in & had the operation.

A few months after the op, I started having lots of aches & pains to the point of not even being able to stand up straight. I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, & had terrible brain fog all the time, then the hot flushes started to become unbearable, I was a nervous wreck & didn’t know what to do. I also had issues with my nervous system & digestion

I went to one of Scott’s talks on women’s hormones & thought I’d give it a try, I had nothing to lose.

After my first consultation I was so relieved at Scott’s confidence that he would be able to help me, I decided to start an Ayurvedic program which involved eating a different way, taking herbal remedies & having several Ayurvedic massage Treatments. I also had several yoga sessions with Kim & learned how to breath properly. I soon started feeling better & within a couple of months all my symptoms were under control, including feeling much calmer & sleeping better. The hot flushes completely disappeared & my joints were much better.

It is sad that there are so many women out there that are suffering with these same or similar issues thinking it’s just part of life & they have to put up with it I’d like to say, no you don’t! I would highly recommend going to see Scott & Kim if you want your life back & a happier healthier lifestyle.” Sarah, Sunshine Coast

Svastha Yoga and Ayurvedic Cooking Classes:

“Scott and Kim have been helping me with some health and wellbeing issues for over a year. I tend to be anxious and sometimes depressed, both of which have been really challenging to manage and understand. I also have ongoing lower back problems which can interfere dramatically with my daily life. When I first had a consultation with Scott my main health complaint was constipation, which seemed to persist regardless of an organic diet with fibre, plenty of water and a lifestyle with good sleep and exercise habits.

Both Scott and Kim were highly compassionate from the start. With Kim’s support I now benefit from Svastha Yoga with its focus on calming the mind using the breath and mantra. Consultations with Scott have helped me to understand my constitution and how to eat to support it. I’ve really enjoyed Scott’s cooking courses and have found it pretty easy to gradually incorporate more and more of the simple recipes into my routines. I now love my daily ginger tea, kichardi and chai tea and lots more. Scott has recommended herbs and daily routines to complement my new diet, and I am feeling a lot better all round. I’m finding the Ayurvedic diet cheaper than my previous diet – an important consideration for a lot of other people too.

Scott and Kim are so supportive and encouraging. I love that they don’t dilute their practice to suit Western expectations. The Centre is also a great place to meet like-minded friends. I am very grateful to have discovered Ayurveda and strongly recommend it to my friends (and anyone else)! A, Buderim.