Yoga Therapy blended with Ayurvedic wisdom 

Our private Yoga Therapy sessions and Group Yoga classes offer a holistic approach to health enhancement and addresses various ailments. Ideal for those with specific health needs, wanting to learn yoga that is suitable for their unique requirements. Our yoga consultations complement the Ayurvedic treatments we offer here at the clinic.

The benefits of Yoga Therapy include: drug-free pain relief for back, neck, and joints, stress management, improved respiratory function, postural correction, support during pregnancy and post-natal stages, and aid in recovery.

Yoga Therapy also caters to general fitness, aging concerns, arthritic conditions, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety, making it a versatile therapeutic addition to wellness regimes.

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Yoga Therapy can address a wide range of concerns such as:

  • Back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain (drug free pain management).
  • Joint conditions.
  • Manage stress/stress reduction.
  • As an addition to other exercise regimes (reduce muscle or joint tightness).
  • Respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • General health and fitness, learn to develop a home practice.
  • Aging – poor balance, weakness of the limbs, loss of confidence.
  • Arthritic conditions.
  • Postural correction.
  • Women’s health/pregnancy, pre/post-natal.
  • Recovery after an injury or illness.
  • Yoga students/teachers looking for more depth and meaning in their practice.
  • Depression and anxiety.

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Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to improving various health concerns using the various tools of yoga along with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Yoga Therapy is an excellent complement to other health care modalities where it can work cohesively alongside to improve quality of life.
A Yoga Therapy session is a comprehensive approach to a personalised yoga practice for those who have specific needs and goals around health or looking for a more therapeutic approach to yoga.

A Yoga Therapy session can address issues such as lack of motivation or confidence around movement, moving past the effects of old injuries, chronic pain and other health concerns,  which you won’t find in a group class.

To learn more about what is involved in a private session, click here.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic form of healing which utilises the entire spectrum of Yoga practices and the wisdom of Ayurveda. A Yoga Therapist has gone through additional and extensive training to receive the qualification and certification.

Yoga Therapy looks at the whole person and how using yogic practices can help you move towards a better quality of life in all aspects.


Meet Your Yoga Guide

Kim Allan conducts the sessions at the Ayurveda Clinic with over 18 years teaching experience. Earlier in Kim’s teaching career her primary focus was group classes which she came to realise had both its benefits and limitations.

Over the years Kim has increased her attention towards a more therapeutic and individualised approach to yoga in particular private sessions. Through her years of practice Kim has witnessed the advantages of tailoring yoga to her client’s needs, developed her knowledge and skillset and delivers a comprehensive service that can be adapted and modified for the individual as we change and grow through life.

I noticed a slowing and calming in my interactions with my environment after walking out of this yoga practice. Kim introduced the mantras and breathing clearly, making the gentle movements easy to grasp.

Sunshine Coast

I highly recommend this to anyone - it is impossible not to get great physical and mental benefits from this Yoga. Kim is an extremely calm and nurturing person who makes everyone feel comfortable and creates a wonderful energy.

Amber, Sunshine Coast

Kim is the best Yoga teacher Iver ever had. This intensive was fantastic and it made a big difference to my week. The focus on breathing really helped me in my practice, especially when I do Yoga at home, and it helps me deal with stress better. I can already sit longer to meditate without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks Kim.

Bec, Sunshine Coast

I completed one of the Yoga courses a great experience I feel much stronger, mentally and physically a good start to the year. Thank you.

Janette, Sunshine Coast

Thank you Kim for a great week of Yoga awareness & awakening. It has been a transforming experience the benefits of which carry through each day. The bonus of daily classes has been the habit of bringing Yoga to the very day rather than just once per week.

Student, Sunshine Coast

A Yoga Therapy Session involves;

  • Taking a health history and assessment to gain an understanding of your current situation around your health, your immediate and long-term goals.
  • You will be taken through a series of movements/practices to access current capabilities, restrictions around movements, breathing etc.
  • Kim will put together a practice for you to start implementing at home based around the private session.
  • This includes varying practices from – (depending on the individual) specific movements, breathing techniques, meditation/sound/mantra, relaxation techniques, learning the art of self-discipline, Ayurvedic home care recommendations and treatments where necessary.

Ongoing support and guidance are provided with follow up sessions to ensure that you have success in your implementation for the long term.

Yoga Therapy works as an exceptional complimentary practice to other forms of treatment, for those on Ayurvedic programs we offer here at the clinic or with your current health care provider.

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