What is Yoga Therapy?

Is all Yoga therapeutic?

This is an interesting question to consider.

There is a common misperception that all Yoga is therapeutic, it has the potential to be, but the practice must suit the person and the purpose.

It is important to be clear about what we are talking about here and what it is we are seeking when it comes to the yoga practice itself.

Through my own experience of both practicing and teaching yoga and yoga therapy over the years there is a distinct difference between attending your general yoga class at a studio or gym compared with a private yoga therapy session or small group yoga therapy class. One of them being that a Yoga Therapist has in-depth training to better assist more complex health concerns.

After practicing and teaching yoga for many years it was when I started to study yoga therapy that the practice itself began to open up so many more possibilities not only for my own personal growth and wellbeing but to be able to help my students in a way that would  support their personal growth and greatly assist them as an individual with their own unique requirements.


I would say now that my whole approach to yoga in both what I teach, and my personal practice is based on yoga therapy.


What this means as a personal practice it is, checking in with myself each day with honesty and looking at what yogic practices will suit to help me maintain and restore balance.

What this means as a teacher is, I see my students as they are as individuals not a one size fits all approach.

This is something that I am very passionate about allowing the practice to suit the person rather than the person trying to fit a certain style or type of yoga.


We all have our own unique story and I too have mine.

Like many of us Yoga has given me seen me through some ups and downs in life and helped me over come many obstacles during my youth right through to being a mother and business owner.

Over time having a more specialised practice and a proper teacher has provided the guidance I need to make this practice sustainable and enjoyable.


Yoga therapy is a complete practice using the specific application of yogic tools such as postures/exercises, breathwork, meditation techniques and more to address the individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs.


So whether you have chronic back pain, suffering from stress and anxiety, wanting to improve mobility/strength, or simply want to feel more at ease within yourself why not try a yoga therapy session you may be pleasantly surprised about what you will learn about yourself and about yoga.



Kim Allan is a certified and register Yoga Therapist and Senior registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, who has been teaching for 15yrs.

At the Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Wellness Centre Kim offers small group svastha yoga classes and small group Yoga Therapy classes for Back Care, stress and anxiety, Healthy aging and meditation.

She also offers private Yoga therapy sessions.