Develop a greater sense of your well-being through the practice of meditation.

This is an eight week course split into two four week parts.

The course runs with once weekly classes held on Thursday evenings at 6-7.15pm over the 4 weeks.

The form of meditation that will be taught is Yogic meditation and is primarily a breath and sound (mantra) based technique with brief periods of silence interspersed within the guidance for you to practice on your own.


Part 1 –

Is a starting point and introduction to the practice of meditation.

There will be some discussion throughout the duration of the 4 weeks to give you an understanding of the term meditation, stages, the methods we will use and benefits

and how best to sustain a regular practice.

This first part of the course will include body scan meditation, breath awareness,  a short gentle sequence of yogic mindfulness movements which help with comfortable transition to a seated meditation, either on a chair or on the floor on a cushion.

You will be given a take home practice to assist you in establishing a regular meditation practice at home supported by the weekly class.


Part 2 –

Building on the foundations that we learnt in part 1.

In part two you will learn further practices including the use of breath and mantra/sound.

During the 4 weeks you will gain an understanding of the deep connection between breath body and mind.

You will learn about why the use of mantra is so effective as a tool for meditation its meaning and how to use these techniques to continue to enhance your personal meditation practice.

There will be some gentle movements incorporated into the class interspersed through times of sitting either on a chair, or seated on a cushion on the floor.


Your teacher for the duration of the course is Kim Allan

Bookings are essential and can be made via our website. Simple follow the inquiry link.

Any further queries you may have phone Kim on 0421256321


I have been doing yoga classes with Kim for several months now and can highly recommend it! Kim has a way about her that makes you chill before you even begin. Her instructions are always clear and this particular form of yoga with its emphasis on breath is def the way to go, if serenity and a sense of inner strength is what you’re after (and who isn’t?). Look forward to it every week.

Barbara Sunshine Coast