Learning and acquiring the tools to be able to sit for meditation takes time and effort and needs to be approached and guided in the appropriate way.

The mind, body and breath all need to be prepared so we are able to sit comfortably to be able to concentrate and focus the mind on one particular object.

Using specific movements linked with the breath and sound/mantra assist allowing us to gain an experience of feeling a sense of inner calm and bringing us closer to achieving a sound meditation practice with a solid foundation.

The Yoga and Ayurveda center offers ongoing Meditation courses, gradually progressing you along a path to learning how to meditate and bring inner peace and calm into your life.


“The Program is going really well. I feel as though I am a new person. Very clear mentally as well as emotionally. Sleeping alot better and more soundly and nomore tired slumps in the afternoon. My skin has improved and I have just a much better outlook on life in general. I haven’t been exactly militant in regards to the program, but as you said, just small changes here and there so as not too overwhelming, it certainly has made such a difference” – Carolyn, NSW