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My wife and I enjoy the unique opportunity of raising our two children using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We decided to begin nurturing their wellbeing before they where conceived by preparing ourselves with the help of Ayurveda. This allowed us to give them an optimum start at life and for the future and has been a blessing in so many ways for both our family as a whole and for our children. We are free from allergies, behavioral problems and have access to the reservoir of knowledge that Ayurveda provides to support us both in times of sickness and in health.

Ayurveda proves to be a necessity to incorporate into one’s life particularly so in these modern times, where the demands of living are high and can place a strain on us both physically and mentally. Ayurveda guides and supports us simply and logically in great detail on how to eat well, live well, sleep well, according to our age, season and live in harmony according to our environment.

In this modern age we live in we can easily feel overwhelmed or confused with all the information we are bombarded with from blogs, social media and the Internet on what is good for our health added to that with food intolerances and allergies being so commonplace may leave us unsure of what direction to take. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old time tested system available to all, has stood the test of time and is just as relevant now as it has always been.

From an Ayurvedic understanding the cause of disease, allergies and food intolerances can come about due to the imbalance in the bodies 3 intelligences Vata, Pitta,Kapha, and poor digestion (Agni). Treatment in terms of diet and lifestyle is tailored to the individual body type (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), age, digestive capacity (Agni), state of the bodies tissues and channels, the preparation of food is suited to support the digestion (agni), and needs to be implemented in the correct and logical way. This is looking at your health on a deeper level, how it is functioning, and going beyond simply eating healthy organic food.

Ayurveda encourages us to think for ourselves, improve our awareness and learn how the food we eat effects us outside from the latest research or fad diet.

Why not experience, feel and think for yourself?

In my own experience both personally and clinically when we follow the principles of Ayurveda we will get results. Food becomes your medicine and your understanding of how to eat for your body type, digestive strength and season we are in is a recipe towards good health.

Ayurvedic food is known as sattvic, which means it has a positive effect on the mind giving us clarity and mental steadiness, essential for us all. Its not just a trendy term it says what it means and backs it up.

If you haven’t heard of Ayurveda before then now is the perfect time to look into this ancient system, it is gaining more momentum than ever before, and lends itself to being needed more than ever before, due to the high level of stress, excessive lifestyles that have an impact on the mind and body leading to weight gain, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, poor memories and digestive imbalance to name a few.

Ayurveda has its origins from India but it is important to note that it is not just for Indians or Yogis or ‘alternative’ people. It is a complete science a medical system and can be adapted to modern times and western cultures, an ancient wisdom for modern times.

Anyone can implement Ayurveda into their lives to help with their health.

There is only one catch, it’s an applied science so you will have to take action to get a result.


Yours in good health.

Scott Allan – Ayurvedic Practitionar at Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic Buderim:

Scott Allan is a skilled and clinically experienced practitioner with over 15 years experience. He has trained with Dr Ajit of the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and still continues to further his knowledge with Dr Ajit who is also a mentor for Scott. He currently runs the Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic in Buderim with his wife Kim. Scott offers health consultations, Ayurvedic treatments and much more. For more information on the services Scott offers www.yogaayurvedacentre.com.au