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More than just Massage Sunshine Coast

Kati Basti (Pain relief) Sunshine Coast

When it comes to treating back, neck and shoulder pain and general muscle tension in the body Ayurveda has a very specialised approach.

Ayurveda looks at each person on an individual basis and takes a holistic approach with an Ayurvedic practitioner looking at restoring all the bodily functions when dealing with back pain or musculoskeletal disorders. There are many different causes for back pain varying from stress, poor posture physical trauma, poor diet and lifestyle to name a few, and for that reason this approach is essential for a long lasting result.

Kati Basti is a musculoskeletal treatment for disorders that involve muscle (mamsa), ligaments, bones (ashti), vertebrae and nerves (majja). Symptoms associated with such disorders are inflammation, pain, stiffness and restricted movements.

One of the most commonly seen causes in today’s modern world is the increase of sedentary occupations and many hours spent sitting at a computer where the back looses its strength, with the addition of poor body posture, lack of mobility and stress, over the years this can accumulate to severe back issues that need a specific therapy that works on a very deep level other than just a regular massage.

Kati Basti massage is a very beneficial treatment specific for lower back pain, sciatica, herniated and ruptured discs cervical pain, stiff neck, whiplash, migraines frozen shoulder, shoulder bursitis, RSI, knee pain, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, dislocated shoulder, thoracic discomfort, knee and wrist problems and giving in the thoracic area for when ones is holding onto a lot of emotions.

In Ayurveda the doshas involved

Musculoskeletal disorders are mainly Vata which is aggravated and can create more dryness, stiffness, pain and tightness in the affected areas, this also leads to an aggravation in Pitta dosha as there will be inflammation in the area which cause more pain.

The nerves are also found throughout the muscles and when they also become stiff and tight the conduction of nerve impulse is also effected known as Vata obstruction.

The Dhatus or tissues involved and how there qualities relate to musculoskeletal disorders

Include muscle (mamsa), fat (meda) nerve (majja) and bone (ashti).

The qualities in the muscle (mamsa) and fat tissue (meda) are heavy, soft, moist, dense, smooth and flexible and the bone tissue (ashti) are porous, light, hard and rough.

When the qualities of Vata (dryness, lack of movment blood and nerve flow ) and Kapha (stagnation) Ama (toxins) manifest in the muscle (mamsa) nerve (majja) and fat tissues (meda) the tissues become stiff, hard, immobile and rigid, this results in pain and discomfort in these areas. This can ultimately affect the bone tissue (ashti) also . leading to array of problems of the spine, joints and muscles.

The treatment

So you may be wondering how is this treatment delivered?

A well made of dough from black lentil flour, is placed over the problem area and filled with medicated oil heated to a specific temperature and held at this temperature for a specific period of time. This helps to soften the rigid, tight and hard tissue which results in easing pain and increasing mobility of the affected area.

Once the dam is removed a back massage is given followed by a herbal steam treatment to help deepen the overall effect of the treatment.

Benefits of this treatment are many, the use of heat, the oil and the specific technique used result in a profound healing process, as the treatment not only repairs the damaged tissue but also rejuvenates the area.

The benefits of the warm medicated oil work to

  • Soften and loosen dry and tight muscles
  • Decrease stiffness and create elasticity in the muscle and surrounding tissue
  • Ease muscle spasm and increase range of motion

The aid of heat from the oil helps to

  • Dilate local blood vessels to increase blood flow
  • Increase in blood flow can reduce pain
  • Heat reduces swelling thereby reducing pressure on nerve endings
  • Blood flow aids in the healing process

This treatment is much more than a massage technique it is a specific therapy for musculoskeletal disorders.

Herbal Ayurveda Treatment & Home recommendations Integrative medicine

Many Ayurveda herbs also work to aid the healing process from those suffering from discomfort, in the form of natural, anti pain, anti inflammatory, anti spasmodic, herbs that stimulate movement of blood to speed up the healing process. These complex Ayurvedic formulations work well in conjunction with treatment and home care using Ayurvedic oils. Home recommendations in the form of Yoga therapy can also be made.

Many sports people can also benefit from this treatment as it helps to strengthen the muscle tissue and increase mobility all of which can enhance an all-round sports performance.

If you are coming to visit Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Clinic Buderim Australia and are suffering from back pain full back management programs are available plus other programs can be tailored to suit ones needs, please contact us

We look forward to meeting you

Warm Wishes from your experienced Practitioners.

Scott & Kim

Scott & Kim have been using this method of treatment for treating back pain for over ten years with excellent success both are well skilled and experienced in the application of all Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurvedic Consulting and are hands on with applying the treatment to clients.


Customer Testimonial

“I have had lower back pain for about 2-3 months now in the lower L5 and S1 area causing me pain for sometime now. Before I first started using Scott for Kati Basti treatments, I had tried chiropractors, in which I found only relieved the pain for a short period of time. I was a bit skeptical at first of Scotts treatment as I hadn’t really heard much about the practices. But after using them for a couple of weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in my lower back. The treatment uses warm oil combined with a massage which relaxes the muscle of the pain effected area. Since getting the treatment on my back I have been surprised by the results and when combined with Yoga Therapy with his wife Kim, I haven’t had back trouble since”– Cale,  NSW

“I am a Head Chef in a kitchen on Lord Howe Island. I am 6 foot 6 and have been working in kitchens leaning over benches for over 10 years. Being so tall I have always had back problems and have tried different sorts of treatments such as chiropractors, deep tissue massage and osteopath treatments. About 3 years ago I had a boat problem meaning my boat was on the rocks and I had to pull the boat off the rocks myself and hurt my back. Being on Lord Howe Island I was forced to try a new treatment for my back. I knew of Scott’s treatments and thought it may have been a little pretentious and silly. Getting my first Kati Basti treatment with Scott changed my mind on these practices completely. It really worked and gave me relief from my back problems in which other forms of treatment didn’t always help. Over the last 3 years I have received at least 15 treatments and every one of them has been beneficial”– Dennis, NSW