Our general Svastha Yoga classes allow you to gain depth in your understanding of the practice of classical Yoga, how to use conscious breath within the Asanas (postures), sequencing that will build strength and flexibility in a progressive manner. With commitment to the practice you will notice more strength and stability in the body particularly the spine, improved flexibility, improved quality of breath equating to improved stamina, reduced thoughts and more calm and balance in your life.

In keeping with Svastha Yoga principles, class numbers are kept to a minimum to allow for proper support and supervision. Students are led towards a practice which is suitable to their individual needs.

This is a class where there is a high level of care for students, and you will learn how to practice Yoga in a nurturing environment and gain a proper understanding of how to practice Yoga and apply it to your life.



“Before meeting Kim and Scott I hadn’t done any yoga. I immediately felt welcome in this new practice and was quickly helped to deal with a complex injury through relaxation, meditation and gentle strength work. The weekly group sessions are the highlight of my exercise week, leaving me feeling calmer and stronger in body and mind. Their guidance has helped me enormously.” – Peter Sunshine Coast