Therapeutic yoga for Wellbeing weekly class,

Is a step away from your general yoga studio and various brands and styles of yoga. This class presents a well rounded practice built on the core foundations of yoga in a therapeutic context.  What this means is within the small group class environment the focus is more personalised and the practice is designed to suit the attendees needs rather than the students trying to follow the pace of a group.

Classical postures and functional movements are practiced, use of breath in the compete sense of the word and meditation/pranayama is included in every class.

With commitment to the practice you will notice more strength and stability in the body particularly, improved flexibility/mobility, improved quality of breath equating to improved stamina, reduced thoughts and more calm and balance in your life.

Your teacher Kim Allan keeps class numbers to a minimum to allow for proper support and supervision. Students are led towards a practice which is suitable to their individual needs.

Kim Allan conducts the classes where there is a high level of care for students, and you will learn how to practice Yoga in a nurturing environment and gain a proper understanding of the practice of yoga including Asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.


“Before meeting Kim and Scott I hadn’t done any yoga. I immediately felt welcome in this new practice and was quickly helped to deal with a complex injury through relaxation, meditation and gentle strength work. The weekly group sessions are the highlight of my exercise week, leaving me feeling calmer and stronger in body and mind. Their guidance has helped me enormously.” – Peter Sunshine Coast


“I was looking for a breath centred & gentle yoga practice to rebuild my strength, muscles & resilience, after several years of disabling & debilitating illness.  I had a chat with Scott, & booked onto the aging well class, feeling this would be the most suitable for my current physical state.
Kim’s class is small & well structured.  Although very different from a modern style yoga, of all the different styles I have used over the years, this is the one which has brought me the most benefit, surprisingly in a relatively short time frame.  It is also without doubt, the class I enjoy the most.
The exercises are adapted for a person’s ability & range of movement, in a caring way.  There is no awkwardness about doing an exercise differently. 
A main focus is on breathing & being centred, with sound (mantras) being used to extend the breath.  If I did nothing during the class except the breathing & sound practice, I would be happy, calm & balanced.  The asanas are used to build strength, stability & flexibility, an added bonus!
Although this is an aging well class, I consider myself quite young at almost 55!  I feel it is a very suitable class for anyone with restricted movement due to chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, which I have.  Even on the days I am with some higher pain, after the class I have a greater range of movement, & the pain levels are reduced, often for 2 -3 days.  I also practice a few of the simpler exercises at home between classes, because I get so much benefit from doing them.
This is a safe & supportive class, & Kim is an outstanding yoga therapy teacher.  I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”
Trudi Bareham Buderim

I noticed a slowing and calming in my interactions with my environment after walking out of this yoga practice. Kim introduced the mantras and breathing clearly, making the gentle movements easy to grasp

Sunshine Coast

I highly recommend this to anyone - it is impossible not to get great physical and mental benefits from this Yoga. Kim is an extremely calm and nurturing person who makes everyone feel comfortable and creates a wonderful energy

Amber, Sunshine Coast

Kim is the best Yoga teacher Iver ever had. This intensive was fantastic and it made a big difference to my week. The focus on breathing really helped me in my practice, especially when I do Yoga at home, and it helps me deal with stress better. I can already sit longer to meditate without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks Kim.

Bec, Sunshine Coast

I completed one of the Yoga courses a great experience I feel much stronger, mentally and physically a good start to the year. Thank you.

Janette, Sunshine Coast

Thank you Kim for a great week of Yoga awareness & awakening. It has been a transforming experience the benefits of which carry through each day. The bonus of daily classes has been the habit of bringing Yoga to the very day rather than just once per week.

Student, Sunshine Coast