We are currently planning our courses and workshops for 2022. See below for all the details on our Therapeutic Yoga Class.
Our Private Yoga sessions are taught one-on-one and are the perfect opportunity to develop your practice or to improve or gain new skills to assist you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

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Move with Confidence Yoga Therapy Group class –

These are ongoing class run in 8 weekly terms with classes available online via zoom.

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Move with Confidence – accessible yoga 

New students receive a free pre class assessment  

This class is suitable for those looking for yoga in a therapeutic setting in keeping with a traditional classical approach to yoga.

This is accessible yoga for those looking to improve mobility and confidence around movement, wanting to practice yoga in a nurturing supportive environment where you can move at your own pace rather than that of the group or  those who may suffer from –

  • osteoporosis, osteopenia
  • arthritis
  • hip or knee replacement
  • rehabilitating from injury or illness or
  • lack of confidence around movement and mobility.
  • wanting to reduce stress and build coping mechanisms
  • Interested in an holistic approach to yoga

The Wednesday morning therapy group class is taught in a 8 weekly term format which is ongoing through out the year. The focus of each term varies with the fundamentals established  so you gain a broad range of skills and home practices to take away with you which is supported with a weekly class environment.

Some of what you will see included in the classes are –

Specific movements and breathing techniques for

  • muscle and bone strength
  • balance and co-ordination, improved mobility
  • treat and prevent back pain improve posture back strength
  • improve energy levels
  • relaxation/rejuvenation
  • reduced stress and improved wellbeing
  • Learn to self regulate your nervous system
  • Improved Interception – self awareness and building a better relationship with yourself.

Modifications are given to adapt to the individuals needs and requirements. These classes are suitable for all regardless of what restrictions you may have around movement and mobility. The postures can be adapted for you as an individual and we work in a progressive manner from week to week so you can go at your own pace within the group environment.

Breath is a key component which is taught and practiced in every class within the postures and various pranayama practices that is taught from term to term adjusted for the individual and your own capabilities.

Specific sound and mantra is also taught to assist in  breathing and for mental stability/meditation.

Class includes weekly discussions on various topics in relation to yogic philosophy and ayurveda through out the year which is followed up with a weekly email.


Numbers in the class are kept to a minimum to provide adequate support for those attending with proper guidance for the individuals needs.


Testimonial –

I have really enjoyed being back in your class. I just love the peace innvocation and the breathing – it’s a very special practice like no other I have encountered. Even though I am not a morning person, I have been grateful each Friday after yoga as I have been feeling energised and motivated for the full day. Thank you. Ashlea Sunshine Coast

I needed to get my health sorted out and decided to signed up for yoga for the ageing with Kim. I love that the class is small with five or six of us. Kim gives us individual attention and is very supportive and caring.

In February this year I also signed up for a Detox Program, I choose to do the program for seven days and it was refreshing to do a program where it is a whole package with consultations, on going support and a different massage treatment every day and you go home with lunch after your treatment.

I still go to yoga every week and I have Kizzali and Kati Basti every month to help with my osteoporosis. A few weeks ago I got out of the passenger seat of a car and put my foot on the slope of a gutter I slipped and landed on the ground and bounced up again to the surprise of my friend who feared that I would  have had some broken bones. I believe that yoga, the Ayurvedic massages and the fact that I lost 4kg when I did the detox have gone a long way to get my health not just back on track but better!

I highly recommend Kim and Scott to anyone who would like to improve their health, use less or no medication and lead a healthy life. Both Kim and Scott are very caring and are genuine in their interest in your wellbeing.
Kathy – Sunshine Coast