Winter 6 week Program – Build strength and vitality through Movement, Breath and Ayurveda – July 13 – August 19th

This 6 week program is comprised of 2 early morning classes a week with the practice tailored around keeping the body strong yet supple, energised yet with a feeling of calm and with more sustained energy throughout your day.

The seasonal affects that we experience this time of year, according to Ayurveda, is a depletion in vata dosha which can leave us in a vulnerable state and kapha dosha starting to accumulate, which is qualities of heavy, congestion and lethargy.

To reduce the seasonal impacts, along with our Ayurvedic recommendations, we can adapt our exercise and daily routines to minimise imbalances that may arise.


This 6 week program is suitable for those who –

  • Are looking to move through the cooler months with more energy and vitality
  • Wanting to improve their self discipline and consistency around waking and sleeping patterns for better health
  • Have attended my classes previously and looking to build on their practice and as a support for a home practice.
  • Are looking for a sustainable way to practice yoga that is easily adaptable to the individual.
  • As an addition to compliment your weekly exercise regime

What is involved in the 6 weeks

  • Twice weekly classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6-7am (includes 12 classes in total)
  • Learn how to effectively use the breath in a series of movements for better health and mental wellbeing.
  • Mantra meditation for improved energy and mental calm
  • Weekly Ayurvedic information to support good health
  • An experience of the benefits that a regular practice can give to your working week.


Your teacher Kim Allan Certified Yoga Therapist, senior registered teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant with over 15 years teaching experience  will be leading the program.

Take up a challenge this winter and enjoy the beauty of the early morning practice to enliven the body and the mind and see the winter out feeling energised and invigorated.

To book contact us directly via the website or email or call 0421256321 for any questions